What our members say...

“The Collaborative allows partners to come together to accelerate restoration in north central Washington. Active restoration will result in more resilient forests and watersheds, which can continue providing critical ecological, social and economic benefits to the communities that depend on them.”
Paul Ward

Fisheries Program Manager, The Yakama Nation

“The mountains, streams, and forest of North Central Washington are crying for help. Vaagen Bros. Lumber is committed to working with the collaborative to help develop answers to these cries. Lumber mills have always depended on our forests, and this dependency may not be as one sided as historically perceived. In order to achieve a more resilient landscape, forests need mills. Vaagen Bros. Lumber is committed to restoring America’s forest by specializing in small logs. Vaagen Bros. Lumber is committed to bringing a holistic approach to the NCWFHC and looks forward to turning challenges into opportunities.”
Matt Scott

Forest and Log Buyer, Vaagen Brothers Lumber

“We’re involved in the Collaborative because we believe we can serve a useful role, problem-solving and bridging gaps between public land managers, private land owners in proximity to forested public lands, and the individuals who value public forest lands for a wide variety of reasons.”
Lorah Super

Board Member, Okanogan Conservation District