Upper Wenatchee Pilot Project Monitoring

The North Central Forest Health Collaborative  is committed to monitoring the work we invest in.

Members are working closely with the US Forest Service to develop project specific monitoring plans which bring increased capacity to the forest while answering important Collaborative questions regarding the implementation of landscape level restoration projects.

This is a new effort for NCWFHC, and the Upper Wenatchee Collaborative Monitoring Strategy is one example of this effort in action. Over 50 partners met for a workshop to discuss monitoring objectives, and used the workshop to develop a strategy focused on four types of monitoring;

  •  Implementation Monitoring – helps to evaluate how closely management plan guidelines were followed.
  • Effectiveness Monitoring – helps to evaluate whether the management plan achieves the desired conditions.
  • Validation Monitoring – helps to evaluate if the underlying assumptions regarding cause and effect relationships are correct.
  • Public Perception and Values Monitoring – helps to gage public perception of project implementation, and public values in the project area. This monitoring includes both stakeholder concerns that implementation, effectiveness, and validation monitoring can address and specific efforts aimed at gaging public perception and values.

Ultimately, we hope the Upper Wenatchee Collaborative Monitoring Strategy can act as a model for projects across the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest.

This effort is just getting off the ground, so stay tuned as work gets under way and our monitoring team shares annual reports and other resources to help our community track progress.

We have been out in the field discussing protocols, hiking the project area and can’t wait to get out in the woods this Spring.

Please contact Patrick Haggerty at patrickh@cascadiacd.org if you are interested in participating in the UWPP Collaborative Monitoring Team.  

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