Twisp Restoration Project

The primary focus of the project is to restore forest health, reduce wildfire risk, improve watershed functions and maintain and protect wildlife habitats.

“Through this project, we have a real opportunity to restore this special place and better protect nearby communities at the same time,” said Eireann Pederson, a silviculturist with the USDA Forest Service, and project team leader. “We’ll be looking at all of the tools in our restoration toolbox including commercial thinning, prescribed fire, wildlife habitat and aquatic restoration.”

Key project information:

  • This restoration project will take a holistic look at the current condition of the forest assessing social, terrestrial, aquatic, access, recreation, and other important values.
  • Restoration may include both terrestrial and aquatic work such as prescribed fire, forest thinning, stream improvements, road work and more.

Important Documents

Twisp Restoration Project – Map with changes (as of May 2021)

Twisp Restoration Project – EA Discussion (link)

DNR Landscape Evaluation Summary (link)


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